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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts February 2011
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TV Jones Pickups

Rio Grande Pickups Blowout

Sparkling highs, growling mids and rich lows gives TV Jones pickups a unique and highly desirable sound. Born and manufactured right here in the Pacific Northwest, we now carry a select inventory for our La Cabronita body series, but they also look and sound great in other body styles!

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Black Korina: Limba from Africa

NEW Neon Yellow and Neon Pink

Black Korina is a gorgeous West African wood with great musical tone that is similar to Mahogany. Also known as Limba, it was introduced to the guitar industry by Gibson® who called it Korina. Black Korina has naturally occurring black and brown striping which looks even more amazing when it has orange streaking. Paul Crook (guitarist for Meatloaf) is a huge fan of Black Korina: "To me, [Black Korina] is the most musical wood that I've come across. I've noticed that I don't need to combine, say, Maple or any other wood for that matter to get a 'full' sound. In my opinion, it is the most [tonally] balanced species, period."

Build a Black Korina body using our Online Custom Body Builder

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See Paul Crook's bio on our site

Lightweight Graphite Stiffening Rods

Custom Contours for 24 3/4 LP Scale Conversion Necks

Stiffening rods help eliminate bass neck stability issues (when compared to vintage-style necks). While our steel rods maintain the most stable construction and the most even frequency response, we now offer graphite rods that offer a more vintage sound and are a lightweight alternative. Our graphite rods are pultruded unidirectional carbon fiber strips. In short: very rigid, light and strong! They can be installed in any bass neck currently using our steel rods.

See In Stock BASS NECKS with graphite stiffening rods

Build a BASS NECK with graphite stiffening rods

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