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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts March 2011
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Your Choice: 22 or 21 Frets

21 or 22 Frets Option

On 25 1/2" scale Modern Construction and Vintage Modern necks you now have the option to deviate from our standard 22 fret with fingerboard overhang, to a 21 fret with NO fingerboard overhang. For a vintage-style look and build, the 21 fret option is the way to go. Fender changed to a 22 fret neck back in the mid-80s to provide guitarists easier bends to the highest notes, and that remains the standard today.

See our selection of In Stock 21 fret guitar necks

See our selection of In Stock 22 fret guitar necks

The Warmoth Warhead

Warmoth Warhead Guitar Neck

The Warhead has been an unlisted option for years. Customers had to know about it to ask for it. But that has changed and here it is for all! The Warhead is a perfect option for those that want an original headstock design but want to maintain a hint of tradition. The Warhead is available on most models of guitar necks now.

Build a Warmoth Warhead guitar neck using our Online Custom Neck Builder

4 New Finishes - Something For Everyone

New Metallic and Solid Finishes

We've expanded our paint offerings to include three new classy metallic colors and one new flashy solid. Take your pick from all of our amazing existing colors and now: Creamsicle Orange, Aluminum, Copper and Metallic Gold.

Build a body with one of our new finishes using our Online Custom Body Builder

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