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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts April 2012
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Make Your Own Creation

Candy Blue Tele Paul

Recently, we put together a pretty amazing guitar. We took a Maple Warmoth Angled Headstock neck and paired it with a Carved Top Tele® body. On top of that, we added LP style controls and some TV Jones pickups.

The great thing about changing out a neck or body, or even putting together a whole guitar or bass is that YOU get to choose basically everything the way you want it. This Candy Blue creation is just one of the thousands of combinations that are possible to come up with.

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View available Warmoth Angled Headstock necks

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The Tele® Body Family

The Tele Family

If you like the look, feel, and sound of Telecaster® replacement bodies, we have several options to choose from. If you like the vintage look, we have our Vintage Tele® replacement body and the Cabronita body. Looking for something completely different? Try the Carved Top Tele® replacement body or our T-Style 7/8th body.

View available Tele® bodies in our In Stock Showcase

Build a Standard or Carved Top Tele® replacement body

Build a La Cabronita body

Build a Vintage Tele® replacement body

Dye Finishes

Dye Finishes

One of the most popular ways to compliment an amazing figured maple top (flame or quilt) is with one of our dye finishes. We normally do a small burst over or even Masked Edges to go with our dye finishes, but the real highlight of the top is the way the dye accents the grain.

Choose from several different colors and even a few cool "dye bursts" such as Jungle Burst, Blue Burst or Fireburst.

View available bodies with dye finishes in our In Stock Showcase

Blocks and Binding

Blocks and Binding

Binding on a guitar or bass neck can help "frame" your neck and give it a really classy, high-end look. If you want to kick it up another notch, we also offer block inlay in several different materials to give your neck an even more sophisticated aesthetic.

View In Stock GUITAR necks with binding and blocks

View In Stock BASS necks with binding and blocks

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