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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts March 2012
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Jazzmaster Bass IV Body

New Jazzcaster Body and Pickguard

The Jazzmaster Bass IV has its origins in the Jaguar and Jazzmaster® guitar bodies and shares the same retro or "indie" look as its guitar cousins. Our Jazzmaster Bass IV pickguard distinguishes it from the Fender® Jaguar bass line. The Jazzmaster Bass IV is available top or rear routed and includes all of our standard J Bass® routing options. Mix and match routing options, pickguards and finishes to build your own Jazzmaster Bass IV body.

Build a Jazzmaster Bass IV body

Build a Jazzmaster Bass IV pickguard

New Showcase Search Options

Stainless Steel Frets Now Available On Bound Necks

We recently added some new functionality to our In Stock Showcase. Now, you can search the Showcase for multiple body or neck models, woods, finishes and other options all at once. Also, we have optimized the In Stock Showcase to be faster (especially on modern browsers). Give it a try!

In Stock Guitar Bodies

In Stock Guitar Necks

In Stock Bass Bodies

In Stock Bass Necks

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Premier Guitar March Issue - DIY Baritone Conversion

With so many cool necks and bodies getting made here and with all the new products and options we're adding, we've been using Facebook to keep everybody up-to-date. Every day, we're doing our best to bring a little slice of what we do here straight to you. So, "Like" us and follow us on Facebook and join in the conversation.

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Pau Ferro Fingerboards

Light Weight Poplar

Pau Ferro is an excellent dense, hard wood with a very tight pore structure. This means it's fast, smooth and extremely durable. An excellent choice for fretless fingerboards. Not only is it resistant to wear, but often the wood figuring is striking with variations in color from light tan to a dark coffee. The tone is brighter than Rosewood yet warmer than Ebony with plenty of articulation and attack. One of our favorite woods for fingerboards! No finish required!

View In Stock Bass Pau Ferro Guitar Necks

View In Stock Bass Pau Ferro Bass Necks

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