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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts May 2012
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2TEK Bridges - Sold Exclusively at www.warmoth.com

2TEK Bridges

Warmoth now routs for and carries the NEW and IMPROVED 2TEK Bass and Guitar Bridges.

2TEK designs their bridges so that each saddle sits on a long pedestal (or finger) that attaches to the base plate. This increases the mass and eliminates cross-talk between the strings. The result is a clean, punchy sound that makes the upgrade to a 2TEK Bridge well worth it. Warmoth offers 2TEK 4 string bass bridges, two 5 string bridges (Narrow and Wide) and a guitar bridge.

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Double Neck Builder

Double Neck Guitar Bodies

Sometimes one neck won't get the job done. Warmoth now offers Double Neck guitar bodies on our online builders. Now you can conveniently and easily order a double neck body online. So, if you're wanting a body for a 6-string and a 12-string guitar neck, or if you want a body that is both a bass and a guitar, you're all set. Of course, you are able to choose from thousands of different combinations of options, so it's two times the fun!

Build an S-Style Double Neck body

Build an T-Style Double Neck body

Build an S-Style/T-Style Double Neck body

Build an S-Style/P-Style Double Neck body

Guitar Neck Constructions

Guitar Neck Construction

Warmoth offers three different construction types for our 25 1/2" scale necks. Whether you are looking for a more vintage style construction, an innovative modern construction or a blend of the two, you have options.

Modern Construction features our double truss rod design, compound radius fingerboard and a convenient truss rod adjustment. The sustain of these necks is excellent, with an even and balanced tonal range sure to please your ears.

Vintage Modern Construction features a single truss rod anchored at either end, curving over an arch in the neck (same as that found in the vintage Fender® necks). Vintage Modern Construction has a compound radius fingerboard (like Modern Construction) but the truss rod adjustment is found in the head of the neck. The tone of these necks is very vintage and warm.

vintage features the same single truss rod design as our Vintage Modern Construction, heel truss rod adjust, and a straight 7 1/4" radius. For those desiring a close replica of the early vintage Fender® necks, this is it. We have duplicated both the dimensions and construction methods used in the mid to late 50's.

View available Modern Construction necks

View available Vintage Modern Construction necks

View available vintage Construction necks

One Piece Extra Light Swamp Ash Bodies

Extra Light One Piece Swamp Ash Bodies

Swamp Ash is one of our most popular core wood choices and has been a staple guitar body wood for decades. We have dozens of one piece extra light (under 4 lbs) Swamp Ash guitar bodies now available in our In Stock Showcase. We have several different styles of Tele® replacement bodies and Strat® replacement bodies that have tone that's easy on the ears with weights that are easy on the back.

View in stock one piece extra light Swamp Ash bodies

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