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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts November 2012
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Jaguar Celebrates 50 Years

Jaguar Bodies

The Fender Jaguar is 50 years young!

In 1962, Leo Fender introduced his latest creation, meant to be the new "top of the line" guitar for modern musicians. From the Beach Boys and Johnny Marr in the '60s all the way to Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Smashing Pumpkins in the modern era, the sleekly chromed-out Jaguar has blazed its own unexpectedly successful trail through the history of rock music.

The specs on Warmoth's replacement body:

  • Body fits 24" scale length neck
  • 1-3/4" thick solid construction
  • Universal pickup rout accommodates singles or humbuckers
  • Standard forearm and tummy contours
  • Must use a Warmoth pickguard

Expect to see some additional articles in various magazines and online in November and December. One of the coolest looking, sounding, and playing guitars ever made can be yours. Do you have a Fender neck that needs a new home? Give it a new vibe by putting it on a new Jag body from Warmoth.


Want a Jag-style bass body? Check out our Jazzmaster IV body.


Paul Crook

Who uses Warmoth Guitars? Touring artists, guys and gals jamming with friends, and people everywhere in between. With a successful career playing for hard rock royalty such as Sebastian Bach and Anthrax, Paul Crook is now rocking stages around the world with Meat Loaf. He's been with the Original Bat out of Hell since the early 2000's and is currently the Musical Director for Meat Loaf's band, The Neverland Express.

Paul and the Neverland Express family were kind enough to invite Warmoth to a show recently where we got a chance to talk and get a good look at Paul's live rig, including his stable of guitars; all built with Warmoth parts. For a guy who believes the integrity of the manufacturers of his gear is far more important than the hype, seeing all of Paul's guitars is as good of an endorsement as anyone can ask for.

View Warmoth's interview with Paul Crook

Visit Paul Crook's site

Black Korina / Limba (Terminalia superba)

Black Korina

This exotic wood comes from Africa and has found a home at Warmoth. Who uses it? Artists like Paul Crook. What makes it special for bodies and laminate tops?

Black Korina is an olive color with black streaking. The tone is similar to Mahogany with added mids. It is a medium weight wood, and a popular choice for chambered bodies because it provides great tone.

Black Korina has a naturally waxy feel. Oil finishes work well on it, which allow the one-of-a-kind grain and color to be just as impressive to look at as your guitar playing is to hear.

Overall, the warm tones, and natural beauty make Black Korina an unique and memorable wood for your next amazing guitar or bass body from Warmoth.

Check out our selection of In Stock Showcase guitar bodies at:


bass bodies at:


or build your own Black Korina replacement body with our Body Builder.

Who Touched My Custom Order - Spencer: Fret Crew

Fret Crew

Back in 1980 when Ken Warmoth started building replacement guitars parts, every order was produced by Ken. Today, Ken is still involved in the daily business, but he relies on about 60 Warmoth team members to produce quality guitar parts for our customers.

Who are some of those professionals?

Spencer leads the Neck Crew. It's a big responsibility for probably the most personal part of a guitar or bass. Every player has their own recipe for their favorite neck - Spencer and his team are the ones that make the magic happen.

About six years ago, Spencer came to Warmoth. "I started by putting the dots on necks; that's the starting point for every new person on our team." Those who excel on the neck team are attentive to details, self motivated, hard working, and production minded. "The people who work here enjoy what they do, enjoy working in a shop, and enjoy working on a team." Working with people who have those values are what he enjoys about working here.

Like many people at Warmoth, Spencer owns several guitars. His favorite is a Warmoth LP5S.

What is he listening to in his spare time? "Sports radio." That makes sense when you hear that his dream vacation would be to attend the World Series and watch the Dodgers win!

ORDER NOW - Many Showcase Items Can Ship Before Christmas

Showcase Before Christmas

The holidays are right around the corner. Browse through our In Stock Showcase to find replacement bodies and necks for your favorite guitars and basses. The In Stock Showcase features products that have already been made and are sitting on the shelf, ready for you to give them a good home.

Don't see what you are looking for? Go to the Build It Now page and select everything from the wood to the finish that you want. We'll build it to your choices.

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