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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts October 2012
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Chambered Body 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Chambered Bodies Guarantee

Purchase any of the hundreds of chambered guitar bodies from our In Stock Showcase and try it out for 30 days. Bolt it on, string it up and give it a test run - play it to believe it. If you don't love it, return for a full refund of the purchase price (see terms and conditions here).

Chambered Advantages:
  • 25% less weight
  • More resonant
  • Longer sustain
  • Over 150 CHAMBERED finished Strat® replacement bodies - READY TO SHIP NOW
  • Over 100 CHAMBERED finished Tele® replacement bodies - READY TO SHIP NOW
  • Or choose from several other amazing CHAMBERED body models
  • 30 day money back guarantee - if you don't like it, send it back (compared to our standard 10 day satisfaction guarantee)

Warmoth has been building chambered bodies for over 15 years and now, many high-end guitar builders are starting to offer chambered bodies as well. Our uniquely engineered cavities allow the body to remain very stiff while affording a minimum 25% weight reduction! These bodies are very resonant; they feel "alive" when plucked. Sustain is improved over their solid body counterparts and feedback is not an issue since the chambers are small. Tone wise, Alder, Ash, and Mahogany each maintain their traditional wood/tone coloration but notes are more open, full, fat, and chunky sounding.

View In Stock chambered guitar bodies in our In Stock Showcase

View In Stock chambered bass bodies in our In Stock Showcase

Screamin' Deals - Updated Daily - Up To 20% Off of the Already Discounted Price

Everyone loves a great deal. Well, Warmoth is amping up our Screamin' Deals section and we'll be stocking it full of high-quality Warmoth bodies and necks over the next few months. New pieces will be added daily and all bodies and necks will be marked down up to 20% off of the already low In Stock Showcase price. You won't want to miss out on these Screamin' Deals, so check back daily to find your pefect body and/or neck.

View Screamin' Deals on guitar bodies

View Screamin' Deals on guitar necks

View Screamin' Deals on bass bodies

View Screamin' Deals on bass necks

Several Ways To Learn

Ways to Learn

Looking for tips and advice on your project? There are several great sources online that are extremely helpful in offering great information that can help you through changing out your guitar neck, installing new pickups or even doing a full guitar project. Here are few resources that we recommend:

Visit Unofficial Warmoth - A Learning Forum

Visit Warmoth's YouTube channel

Bubinga Bass Necks

Bubinga Bass Necks

Fine grained and super smooth, Bubinga has long been a favorite of the discriminating ears of the famous. Used by companies such as Rickenbacker for fretboards and Warwick for bodies. As a bass neck, it brings bright midrange and a thick well defined bottom. Bubinga is also a very stiff wood adding strength and stability to its list of assets. This is one formidable tonewood!

View in stock Bubinga bass necks

Build a Bubinga bass neck with our Online Bass Neck Builder

Warmoth In Stock Showcase: Thousands of In Stock, High-Quality Bodies and Necks

Warmoth In Stock Showcase

Our In Stock Showcase is the fastest way to easily find that perfect neck or body. Browse through actual images of thousands of finished and unfinished necks and bodies. Our high-quality Showcase items ship quicker than custom one-off orders and, in most cases, most routing, frets and finish options are still fully customizable.

Check out GUITAR BODIES in our In Stock Showcase

Check out GUITAR NECKS in our In Stock Showcase

Check out BASS BODIES in our In Stock Showcase

Check out BASS NECKS in our In Stock Showcase

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