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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts December 2013
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When the Moon Hits Your Eye - That's Amore!

Mooncaster Bodies

Introducing the Mooncaster, Warmoth's stunning new semi-hollow carved-top body. Its slightly downsized perimeter and standard tummy cut make it more comfortable than traditional designs, and the standard contoured heel makes upper fret access quicker and smoother.

Other improvements over traditional designs include a rear-mounted control cover for easy access to pots and wiring, and a standard 2-3/16" bolt-on neck pocket that fits a wide assortment of necks, including our matching Mooncaster neck. Both the body and neck boast a huge range of wood, finish, and other options, allowing you to create a signature instrument built just for you and the way you play.

What's not to love?

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What Do All Those Numbers On My Neck Mean?

J Bass® Replacement Neck Heel

Manufacturers often use codes to internally track and manage production. The codes Warmoth uses are meant to serve as a guide to our craftspeople as necks and bodies make their way through different departments in our shop. Although they aren't meant for the public, knowing our codes can provide you with useful information about your item and how it was built.

The codes we use on our necks are marked at the heel. The heel pictured above is from a J Bass® replacement neck, and its codes tell us many things about it. The "G" stamped just above the turtle, for example, means it contains Graphite stiffening rods. The fret size is written by hand; in this case "6150". The "WT" indicates that it received a White TUSQ nut.

The red dot sticker serves as an easy visual indicator to the crew that the neck has received a finish. It can also be removed should it ever become necessary to verify the wood's original, unfinished color. Necks also often bear the initials or marks of the craftspeople who worked on them. The small hand-written "X" above is one such mark.

Guitar necks receive a few additional marks. The nut width is written as an inch decimal number ("1.687" for example). Necks with a compound radius are often stamped "Warmoth Radius", while necks with a straight radius are marked with the measurement ("9.5"", for example). Certain custom neck back contours like the SRV and 59 Roundback are also stamped.

Together all these marks tell each neck's unique story. To see more examples of our codes check out the photos in the neck sections of the Warmoth Showcase:

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