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Tele® Bass Replacement Neck

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Tele® Bass Replacement Neck

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SKU: BN-10905
Super Bass Construction, 34" Scale, Straight 10" Fretboard Radius


  • Maple
  • Indian Rosewood (Dark)
  • Standard Steel Rods
  • 1-11/16" (43mm) P Bass®
  • Right Handed
  • Slim Taper
  • 21
  • Schaller BML 11/16" (17.5mm)
  • Standard Dots
  • Cream
  • White Side Dots
  • Standard 4 Bolt


When the Fender P Bass® neck was introduced in 1952 it featured a headstock shape very similar to the Telecaster's®. The shape was later redesigned to be more like a Strat's®, but many players still love the vintage appeal of the earlier shape. Warmoth's Tele® Bass replacement neck is a reproduction of that original design. It also boasts a host of custom options never available on the originals, including neck and fretboard woods, fret materials, inlays, nut materials, and more.

Tele Bass® Replacement Neck Features
  • 2-1/2" (64mm) heel fits any P or J style neck pocket with vintage/original specs
  • 10" fretboard radius
  • Choose J or P-style nut width
  • Standard or Slim Taper back profilies
  • Stainless steel or graphite stiffening rods
  • Your choice of fret size and material, or fretless
  • Your choice of tuner routs
  • Double-expanding truss rod and steel stiffening bars for great stability
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes make installation easy

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Super Bass Construction, 34" Scale, Straight 10" Fretboard Radius
SKU: BN-10905