A solid Tele®-style body routed for Fender® wide-range humbuckers.

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Tele® Deluxe Body

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    Construction: Solid
    Core Wood: Swamp Ash
    Body Upgrades: One Piece
    Right / Left Handed: Right-Handed
    Control Cavity: Top Rout
    Multi Pickup Top Rout: Tele® Deluxe Top Rout
    Jack Rout: 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole
    Bridge Rout Type: Hardtail
    Bridge Rout: Vintage Strat® Flat Mount
    Mounting Holes: Standard 4-Bolt
    Neck Pocket Shape: Strat®
    Body Contours: Tummy Cut
    Tele® Deluxe Replacement Body

    Tele® Deluxe Replacement Body

    4lbs 05oz, Solid Construction

1 Item(s)

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