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  1. Floyd Rose Locking Nut

    Price From: $37.00
    German-made Floyd Rose locking nut, the ultimate in tuning stability. Available in a range of sizes and colors. Learn More
  2. Floyd Rose Studs, Pair

    Price From: $25.00
    Mounting studs for Floyd Rose tremolos. Available in three colors. Learn More
  3. Floyd Rose Wood Screws, Pair

    Price From: $15.00
    Use these "vintage-style" screws to mount your Floyd, rather than modern studs. Available in three colors. Learn More
  4. Gotoh Wilkinson Studs, Pair

    Price From: $12.00
    Set screws lock these studs lock into place, for rock solid performance. Available in three colors. Include studs and inserts. Learn More
  5. Bar String Retainer

    Price From: $4.25
    This bar-style retainer fits across all six strings. Part of the Floyd Rose tremolo system, sold here separately. Available in three colors. Learn More
  6. Fender® Tremolo Studs

    Mounting studs for the Fender® American Series tremolo, available here separately. Learn More
  7. Tremolo Arm Tip

    A plastic replacement tip for Fender®-style tremolo arms. Learn More
  8. Tremolo Bridge Screws

    Price From: $2.00
    Use these screws to mount your 6-Hole Vintage tremolo unit. Available in three colors. Sold in sets of six. Learn More
  9. Tremolo Wrench Holder & Wrenches, by Gotoh

    Keep the wrenches for your tremolo within easy reach, at all times. Learn More
  10. 7-String Floyd Rose Locking Nut

    The ultimate in tuning stability for 7-string guitars. Available right-handed, in two colors. Learn More
  11. Trem Claw Accessory Pack

    This handy kit has everything you need for the back of your tremolo. Learn More

11 Item(s)

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