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Jazzmaster® Guitar Body

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Jazzmaster® Guitar Body

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SKU: JM-1363
Price Includes Body Only
4lbs 10oz, Solid Construction


  • Solid
  • Swamp Ash
  • One Piece
  • Right-Handed
  • Top Rout
  • Standard Jazzmaster®
  • Standard Jazzmaster®
  • Tremolo
  • Jazzmaster Tremolo w/ Jazzmaster Bridge
  • Standard 4-Bolt
  • Strat®
  • Forearm Contour
  • Tummy Cut
Price Includes Body Only


The Jazzmaster® was introduced in 1958, and has since become the standard-bearer in offset-waist guitars. Warmoth's Jazzmaster® replacement body maintains the iconic perimeter shape, while offering an expanded range of customizable pickup, bridge, and hardware options. Rear-rout, laminate top, and chambering options make it possible to create exactly the body you envision.

Jazzmaster® Replacement Body Features
  • Forearm Contour and Tummy Cut are standard
  • Huge range of bridge and pickup routs
  • Neck mounting holes and wiring channels pre-drilled for easy assembly
  • Wood, Laminate Top, and finish options
  • 2-3/16" (56mm) neck pocket fits any neck with vintage/original USA Strat® spec neck heel

Warmoth's Jazzmaster® Replacement Body retains the vintage perimeter shape, but adds modern pickup and bridge routing options. As a result, the Warmoth Jazzmaster® pickguard is the only pickguard that will fit this body.

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Jazzmaster® Guitar Body
4lbs 10oz
SKU: JM-1363