Unique Choice Fret Boards

The Unique Choice option is an extra level of customization that lets you choose the actual fretboard blank that will be used to build your custom guitar and bass neck. Browse through the options for the wood type you selected, and choose the one that matches your vision.

Once you have completed your purchase, the blank you selected will be pulled from our stock and reserved for you.

How it Works

Wood Type

Unique Choice fretboards are sorted first by wood type. The range of blanks you are shown will match the wood type you selected in the custom builder. For example, choose Flame Maple as your Fretboard Wood Type, you will see the current available Flame Maple fretboards. To see a different species, go back and specify it in the builder.


Next, they are sorted by application, or size. Not every blank is suitable for every neck size or model. You will only be shown fretboard options that work for the neck you are building. As a result, the choices you are shown for a particular type of wood may change depending on which neck model you are building.

During the sanding and finishing processes, the grain pattern of a fretboard may change slightly. You should expect some variation in appearance from the picture you see on the website. Warmoth's production managers have discretion to choose the way the fretboard is oriented on the neck for the best appearance and structural integrity. Very rarely, a fretboard will have internal flaws that only manifest themselves during production. If this happens, we will contact you immediately to offer you options.

The charge for selecting a one-of-a-kind fretboard is non-refundable for order returns, changes, or cancellations.