Warmoth started selling custom guitar and bass parts in 1980. We quickly became known as "the place" to go for top quality products and custom choices. Our business filled the needs of both individual players as well as some large, international guitar and bass retailers.

In the past, we've partnered with Valley Arts (Custom Pro Series), Pensa-Suhr, Sadowsky Guitars, Yamaha, and several boutique shops. In 1998, after 18 years of working with dealers, we discontinued our wholesale business.

Currently, our business is mostly focused on direct sales to retail customers around the world. Providing direct access to the end user allows us to keep our prices competitive. Many of our In Stock bodies and necks are listed at a lower price today than they were 10 or 15 years ago.

Looking at our customer list today, we see a growing number of techs that are working for some of the Music Industry's biggest names. We also see that many luthiers and boutiques are ordering from us...without receiving discounts or sponsorships from Warmoth. Everyone receives great quality, customization, unique choices that they pick from pictures of actual wood they can purchase, great customer service, and 24-hour access to our in-stock inventory and custom design tools. During our regular business hours, we have an experienced staff of players available to discuss your projects.

Dealers who want to purchase in large volumes can receive a discount. The minimum batch is 50 identical bodies or necks per order. Every neck or body still receives the Warmoth turtle logo; we will not replace those with your logo or leave them blank. We also do not offer credit terms.

Whether you are repairing, customizing or building guitars and basses, we know you will find our quality and selection exceptional. Your repeat business is our goal.