Bass Number of Frets

20 vs. 21 Frets

Warmoth offers 20, 21, and 24 fret bass necks on our standard bass neck models. Our 21 and 24 fret over hung fretboard is a direct replacement for 20 fret Fender® bass necks. No modifications are necessary. The fretboard simply extends over the pickguard.

Standard 21 Fret
Standard 22 Frets
  • Fretboard extends 1/4" beyond neck heel.
  • A 1/8"(3mm) space between the fretboard overhang and the top of the body leaves enough room for a standard thickness pickguard.
  • Switching from a 20 to 21 fret neck usually requires no modification to the bass.
20 Fret Option
21 Fret Option
  • Fretboard ends flush with neck heel.
  • No fretboard overhang makes pickguard installation and removal easier.

The 21 fret option is standard on 32" Short Scale bass necks.

The 20 fret option is standard on 30" Short Scale bass necks.

24 Fret Extension

Warmoth offers a 24 Fret Extension fretboard to create a full two-octave neck. This custom option is $25 extra.

24 Fret Extension with overhang
24 Fret Extension

NOTE: All Gecko and Bass 6 necks are made standard with 24 frets.


Our fretboard extensions hang over the top of the body with a gap of about 1/8"(3mm) between the fretboard and the bass body. Most pickguards do not exceed .090"(2.3mm) in thickness. After installing a pickguard the gap is reduced to about .035"(0.8mm), or about 1/32".

Fretboard overhang
When installing a neck with a fretboard overhang it is critical to ensure the overhang has enough clearance to accommodate your pickguard. Failure to do so could result in separation of the fretboard from the neck and is not covered under warranty. Use the info above to assist you in choosing the correct parts.