Bass Truss Rods

Truss rods help wooden bass necks withstand the constant tension of steel bass strings. They are also adjustable, allowing players to change the curvature of their neck for the best playing action.

Double Expanding Bass Neck Truss Rod

A double-expanding bass neck truss rod is composed of two steel shafts that sit in a flat trench within the neck. They are anchored to each other at one end. The other has a threaded adjustment nut. Tightening the nut pushes the ends of the rod downward, thereby creating bow in the neck. The adjustment nut can be oriented at either end of the neck, depending on the neck's construction.

Super Bass Truss Rod

The Warmoth Super Bass neck combines our double-expanding truss rod with two steel or graphite stiffening bars for the most stable, playable, and best sounding bass replacement neck on the market. Click here for more information on Warmoth bass neck construction.

  • Extremely stable, no seasonal adjustments are necessary
  • Increased mass for longer sustain, cleaner and clearer tones
  • The rod is not anchored to the wood, and therefore does not compress the wood lengthwise when tightened
The force exerted by the headstock end of the double rod is considerable. There must be a minimum 1/8" of wood below the rod end to prevent wood failure in this area. Thinning a neck beyond factory engineered dimensions is not recommended or covered under warranty.