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Short Scale Bass Necks

Short Scale Bass Necks comparison

Warmoth short scale bass necks offer an easy playing experience with big tone and vibe. Our SSB necks are available in both 30 and 32 inch scale lengths. The lower string tension and shorter reach make it a breeze to play. Fret hand position is super comfortable, and it is easy on shoulders and backs. Warmoth SSB necks are built with all the craftsmanship and attention to detail Warmoth is famous for.

  • Classic 4-tuner hole headstock configuration.
  • Shortened reach aids balance and comfort.
  • Shortened distance between frets and lower string tension for quick, easy fretting.
  • Available in both 30 and 32 inch scales, interchangeable on Warmoth SSB bodies.
  • More similar to guitar in weight and feel than long scale necks.
  • Double-expanding truss rod for great stability.
  • Your choice of fret size and material, or fretless.
Warmoth Short Scale bodies and necks are designed to work with each other only. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any other manufacturer.