Neck Scallop Options

On a scalloped neck the fretboard is sanded to a concave shape between each of the frets. This increases clearance and reduces friction between fingers and fretboard, making bends and lead techniques quicker and easier. Scalloped fretboard users include Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore, and John McLaughlin.

Scallops are available on Modern construction 25-1/2" scale and Gibson®-Scale conversion guitar necks only.

Warmoth offers two scallop configurations:

Full Scallop

Guitar Neck with Full Scallops

The full fretboard is scalloped from the nut through 22nd fret.

Half Scallop

Guitar Neck with Half Scallops

Half of the fretboard is scalloped from the 12th through 22nd fret.

  • Scallops are done on new construction necks only, so that the side dots can be repositioned to accommodate them.
  • Scalloped necks can be fretted with 6100, SS6100, GD6100, and SS6115 fret wire only.
  • Inlay on scalloped necks is black or cream dots only. We can not combine scalloping with a custom inlay.
  • Scallops are not compatible with Binding, or the Wizard neck profile.
  • The scallops are symmetrical, and measure 1/8" (3mm) deep, measured from the fret tops.
  • Necks with a 24 Fret Extension will be scalloped on frets 1 through 22 only. Frets 23 and 24 will not be scalloped.