Neck Mounting Holes

Standard 4-Bolt Mounting Holes
Standard 4-Bolt

Our guitar necks come with pre-drilled mounting holes that match Fender's® vintage/original neck pocket specifications. They also match all Warmoth bodies. The holes are 1/8" (3mm) in diameter.

Custom necks can also be ordered without mounting holes.

3-Bolt Micro Tilt Mounting Holes
3-Bolt Micro Tilt

Our 3-bolt Micro-Tilt rout matches Fender® early 70's specs. We rout for the mounting plate and drill for the screw holes, but we do not supply the hardware. Be sure your hardware is compatible with early 70's specs.

  • The 3-Bolt Micro-Tilt mount is only available on Vintage/Modern Construction Necks.
  • Strat® and Tele® bodies can also be routed for 3-bolt Micro-Tilt hardware.

Tip: Applying a small amount of paraffin, beeswax, or soap to the mounting screw threads will make neck installation easier.