Neck Binding Options

Binding is a decorative material affixed to the edge of a fretboard to give it a classy look. Warmoth offers neck binding in six materials.

Guitar Neck with White Binding
White Neck Binding
Guitar Neck with Black Binding
Black Neck Binding
Guitar Neck with Cream Binding
Cream Neck Binding
Guitar Neck with Ivoroid Binding
Ivoroid Neck Binding
Guitar Neck with Pearloid Binding
Pearloid Neck Binding
Guitar Neck with Tortoise Binding
Tortoise Neck Binding
  • Tortoise binding is translucent and looks best over light woods. Over dark woods like Rosewood or Ebony it may appear almost black.
  • Binding is available on 21 and 22 Fret Modern Construction Necks only.
  • Binding is not compatible with scalloping.


At Warmoth we install the binding before the frets, and the fret ends extend over the binding all the way to the edge of the fretboard. This results in the widest, smoothest playing surface possible. It also makes fret maintenance easier and less expensive.

Gutiar Neck Frets with Cream Binding
Cream Binding with Frets

Our binding material measures about .090" thick by .25" tall (2mm x 6mm)