Tuner Hole Options

Guitar Neck Tuner Holes

Our standard tuner holes are an 11/32" straight bore. This matches up to the push-in grommets of the standard Vintage Style tuners (some copies may be different). When you purchase a new Warmoth gutiar neck, we can ream our counter-bore the tuner holes to any of the sizes listed below, at no additional charge.

Tuner bushings from different manufacturers are not always identical in size. If the tuner bushings you are using don't fit into the tuner routs fairly easily do not force them. It is necessary to open the hole up slightly. Headstocks broken as a result of forcing bushings into them are not covered under warranty.

Tuner Reams

Vintage (Standard 11/32" - 8.73mm)
Vintage Tuner Ream

Our standard Tuner Hole ream fits many Vintage Style tuners.

Schaller / Sperzel (25/64" - 9.92mm)
Schaller Tuner Ream

Also compatible with most modern-style Fender® tuners. Always measure your tuner and tuner hole to be sure.

Baritone Conversion necks typically use large gauge strings that do not fit through the string holes on Schaller mini locking tuners.

Gotoh/Grover (13/32"-11/32" - 8.73mm-10.32mm)
Gotoh/Grover Tuner Ream

Compatible with Gotoh or Grover brand tuners. Always measure your tuner and tuner hole to be sure.

Snakehead (1/4" - 6.35mm)
Snakehead Tuner Ream

Only fits Vintage 3-on-Plate Tuners

Planet Waves (13/32" - 10.32mm)
Planet Waves Tuner Ream

We do not carry Tuners that fit this ream at this time.