Bass Tuner Hole Options

Bass Neck Tuner Holes

Tuner bushings from different manufacturers are not always identical in size. If the tuner bushings you are using don't fit into the tuner routs fairly easily do not force them. It is necessary to open the hole up slightly. Headstocks broken as a result of forcing bushings into them are not covered under warranty.

Tuner Reams

Gotoh GB7 (9/16" - 14mm)
Gotoh GB7 Tuner Ream

Our standard bass tuner hole size.

Schaller BM (11/16" - 17.5mm)
Schaller BML Tuner Ream

Fits our standard 4-string and many vintage bass necks.

Schaller BML Lite (0.669" - 17mm)
Schaller BML Lite Tuner Ream

Requires 2 guide-pin holes for tuners. Warmoth currently drills for these pins in on SSB Bass necks only.

Hipshot Ultra Lite (9/16" - 14mm)
Hipshot Ultra Lite Tuner Ream

We do not currently carry Hipshot Tuners.