Conversion Necks

Conversion necks are a Warmoth innovation that allow you to easily change the scale length of your 25-1/2" bolt-on guitar to either 24-3/4" (Gibson® length) or 28-5/8" (Baritone length). They work by lengthening or shortening the distance between the bridge saddles and the string nut, and offer an easy and inexpensive way to experience something new on your old Fender®.

Installing a conversion neck is just as easy as installing a normal neck. It is not necessary to relocate the bridge, or make any other changes.

Conversion Necks Compared
Conversion Necks Compared

Gibson® Scale Conversion Necks

This neck shortens the scale length of a 25-1/2" Fender®-style guitar to the shorter Gibson® scale of 24-3/4". This reduces the distance between frets and lowers string tension for easier, quicker playing.

The following replacement necks are available as a Gibson® Scale 24-3/4" Conversion:
Stratocaster® | CBS Strat® | Tiltback Strat® | Telecaster® | Jazzmaster® | Arcade | Regal | Vortex | Warhead

Baritone Scale Conversion Necks

This neck lengthens the scale of a 25-1/2" Fender®-style guitar to the longer Baritone scale of 28-5/8". This facilitates lowered tunings such as A or C.

The following replacement necks are available as a 28-5/8" Baritone Conversion:
Stratocaster® | Tiltback Strat® | Telecaster® | Warhead | Warmoth | Vortex | Regal | Arcade | Tiltback Paddle

Installation and Setup

Conversion Necks Compared

Both Conversion Necks bolt directly on to any 25-1/2" scale guitar body that uses Fender's® vintage/original 2-3/16" (56mm) neck pocket dimensions. It is not necessary to modify the neck pocket or move the bridge to install either conversion neck.

The Baritone Scale Conversion Neck employs an undercut heel design in order to fit these neck pockets. As a result, the fretboard will slightly overhang the sides of the neck heel in the upper fret areas. The overhang does not affect playability in any way.

Once installation is complete, simply re-intonate your guitar to match the new scale.

All Conversion Necks are built using Modern construction.

If you have any questions about our Scale Conversion Necks, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance by emailing or calling (253) 845-0403.