Guitar Body Control Layouts

Warmoth drills holes to fit the most common pots and switches:

  • Volume and tone control holes are 3/8" in diameter. This size fits most volume, tone, and blend pots.
  • Toggle holes are 1/2" in diameter. This size fits the standard LP-style toggle switch.
  • Blade Switch holes fit any standard 3-way or 5-way Strat®-style blade switch.
  • We do not drill for mini-toggle switches (1/4").
  • We do not drill control holes in custom locations.

Different bodies use different control layouts. Use the diagrams below to determine the control locations for the body you are building.

Strat® Control Layouts

Strat® Controls

Tele® Control Layouts

Tele® Controls
Thinline Controls
La Cabronita Controls
LP Controls for Carved Top Tele
Carved Top Tele, Two F-Holes, Blade Switch
Carved Top Tele, Two F-Holes, 3 controls

Other Control Layouts

LP Controls
Jazzmaster® Controls
Diamondback Controls
Musiclander Controls
VIP Controls
Nomad Controls
Switchback Controls
VK/VR Controls
Iceman Controls
Star Controls
7/8 S-Style Controls
Mooncaster Controls